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Triple Lavender Bundle Kit with Amethyst Cluster Set

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"Purple Rain" 1pc of Floral Lavender Wand, 1pc of Lavender Wand, 1pc of Lavender Bundle and an Amethyst Clustered Cleanse Set. This cleanse kit provides energy to yourself, home, spirit, & loved ones. In times of stress, anxiety or depression take a moment to meditate and be filled with relaxation. All sets are cleansed, & handmade with love & intentions. Includes: 1 - 4" (Inch) - Lavender Wand 1 - 4" (Inch) - Lavender Floral Wand 1 - Amethyst Crystal Cluster (Size: 1oz plus). Sizes may vary. 1 - Lavender tied Bundle *Disclaimer Items pictured are representations of what we have in stock. The items you receive might vary slightly in color and size, as they are all natural products. We offer our products as inspiration and reference. These properties are in no way meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified physician or therapist.