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Tibetan Rope Incense | Nag Champa, Sandalwood

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Traditional Tibetan Nag Champa Rope Incense is an ancient Ayurvedic incense used in spiritual ceremonies and as a meditation aid. The calming effect of sandalwood soothes the nervous system and helps to bring peace and calmness.Used for centuries to relase stress, depression, and tension. This traditional made tibetan incense is prepared by hand using medical techqniues.  Our fragrant Sandalwood Nepali Rope Incense is crafted from herbs of the high Himalayas. This particular blend is extracted from white and red Sandalwood, Saldup, Spikenard, Cinnamon and Cloves. Approximately 45 - four inch ropes are artfully packaged,  Handmade in Nepal. SIZE: Ropes Measure approximately 3" - 4" inches Long QTY: Approx 45 sticks.