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Spiritual Herb Kit- 20 Org. Ritual Herbs with Crystal Spoon

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The essence of plants and herbs holds ancient wisdom and divine magic that is just waiting for you to discover. Our Bestselling Ritual Kits will be the perfect addition to your shop. Tap into your intuition and allow your highest self to guide you - with the herbs you choose to work with, and how you choose to use them. Our Organic ritual herb kit is the perfect way to support you in enhancing the power of your spells. Indulging in an herbal bath soak, creating your own charm bag (or dressed candles), connecting with nature for outdoor ceremonies, and much more! The Ways of Working with Herbs are Endless Let the energy of these Organic herbs infuse your sacred space into a spiritual sanctuary, or take them with you on a trip into nature for Full Moon rituals and ceremonies Deepen your connection and discover the Magic within! ADD TO CART TODAY ✨