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Sahumitos - Flowers & Aromatics

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Sahumitos - Smudge Bundles Each bundle has a hand wrapped core of Eucalyptus, Bay Leaf and Cedar, that is enrobed in a thick layer of incense base. These Sahumitos are easy to light and stay ignited without tending. Each stick burns for approximately 2 hours. Although the appearance may seem familiar, they’re performance and scent are unmatched and completely unique. Inside each box you’ll find 5 different varieties of Sahumitos that can be sold as a set or easily transformed into a display box and sold individually. Sahumitos Flowers + Aromatics - Yagra, Cinnamon, White Sage, Rose, Citronella & Orange Sahumitos Herbs + Woods - Rosemary, 7 Herbs, Palo Santo, Sandwood, Rue Sahumitos Resins + Spices - Cinnamon & Anis, Copal, Storax (Balsam), Myrrh & Palo Santo, Frankincense