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Protection⎮Smudge Bundle

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Safeguard your space & surrounding energy with this beautiful and powerfully Protective Smudge Bundle! •Our Protection Smudge Bundle includes a mighty mix of Mountain Sage, Cedar Sage & Copal Resin. •SELENITE - is a gemstone with a myriad of benefits, including intense protective energy that can be used to ward off harmful spirits. •BLACK TOURMALINE - This magnificent stone is all connected with protection. Shamans and healers have utilized black tourmaline for protection since ancient times. •NAG CHAMPA ROPE INCENSE has a wonderfully calming smell and extraordinary protection abilities when burned. It can swiftly cleanse and purify the air, chasing away all forms of negativity. •HAMSA KEEPSAKE CHARM - recognized & cherished as a symbol of protection. •DRIED FLOWERS - for Beauty, Love & Light.