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New Beginnings⎮Smudge Bundle

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"And suddenly, you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings." Everyone needs a fresh start at some point in their lives - a clean slate, a new beginning to embrace change or a new transition. This Smudge includes: • A JUNIPER and WHITE SAGE mixed wand, ideal for cleansing your space and inviting balance, new beginnings, and happiness! •AMETHYST is the stone of transformation. •SELENITE is a gemstone that has a myriad of benefits; it promotes peace & calm • provides clarity• elevates the spirit, • vibrates at a very high frequency (to name just a few)! •PALO SANTO has the gift to purify the air, objects, spaces & yourself, attract positive energy, and clear negative energy. •'LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL RIDE' KEEPSAKE CHARM & DRIED FLOWERS for Beauty, Love & Light.