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Moon Face Backflow Incense Holder

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Moon face is a high quality product made from various rare stone powders. Also real raw beech wood is used for the base of the incense holder and the wood is shaped by hand carving. A pebble pedestal is sent to prevent the conical incense from burning the tree. The incense may go out depending on the air flow in the environment, and you can continue to use the extinguished incense by burning it again. There may be minor superficial differences because of the nature of handmade. The light used in the photo shoot can change the color of the product. So the color of the product to be sent may be a little dark or a little light. As natural wood is used, the color and patterns of the tree vary. You can see samples of the bases to be sent in the product gallery. Diameter for moon figure: 10 cm / 4 inch Dimater for wood tray: 12 cm / 4.7 inch