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Moon Child - Mug Gift Set with Amethyst Tea Accessories

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This stunning and gorgeous Moon Child Mug with Amethyst tea accessories features gold accents that sparkle like the night sky. But the real magic happens when you use the included amethyst tea steeper. This natural gemstone is renowned for its healing properties and is said to promote inner peace, clarity, and spiritual growth. Simply add your favorite loose-leaf tea to the steeper, place it in the mug, and let the amethyst infuse your drink with its energy. As you sip your tea, feel the calming and uplifting effects of amethyst washing over you. Whether you're starting your day with a morning meditation or winding down before bed, the Moon Child Mug and Amethyst Tea Steeper is the perfect way to elevate your self-care routine. This unique and meaningful product also makes for a thoughtful gift for any spiritual seeker, tea lover, or crystal enthusiast! ADD TO CART TODAY ✨