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Howlite Tumbled Crystals

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Gypsy Ro is proud to present these all-natural and hand polished tumbled Howlite crystals (4 cm)! Mines in Brazil have been verified to conduct sustainable mining practices and offer an ethical and humane work environment for their miners. Howlite, or Magnesite, is a white stone with dark gray/black veins throughout. It most closely Howlite will connect to its users' third eye chakra. Howlite can help bring foresight to its user and bring tough emotions and situations into a new perspective. Howlite is also a great stone for memory and knowledge. While bringing clarity to one’s mind, Howlite creates a yearning for spiritual knowledge to its user. Physically, Howlite can balance one’s calcium levels. Geminis seeking strength and determination may especially attracted to Howlite’s beautiful bone and marble like color.