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'Good Fortune' Gold Necklace Bundle

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"Good Fortune Bundle" ~3 Pendants~ ~18 - 20" Chain Gold plated Sunstone - known as the gemstone of the sun, stimulating chakras to promote power and clarity. It helps to aid one in finding the strength to overcome difficult situations. Sunstone is particularly energizing to the solar plexus and sacral chakras. Labradorite - enhances psychic abilities, useful for magic, ritual, and psychic protection. Known to be one of the top five gemstones when it comes to working with moon energy. It is closely related to moonstone and because of its properties, it's a powerful stone for all moon phases. Purple Agate - known to stabilize and protect the aura by getting rid of negative energy. It may even be able to ward off negative vibes before they enter your space. Wearing Purple Agate can help protect you and those around you.