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Crystal Infused Essential Oil Rollers

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Handcrafted essential oil blends are infused with genuine crystal pieces. Each roller is made using organic coconut oil and genuine high-quality oils. Calm blend - Amethyst infused Lavender blend. Focus blend - Quartz infused Peppermint, lemon, wild orange blend. Good Vibes - Quartz point infused Lavender + Citrus + Vanilla blend. Peace and love - Rose Quartz infused Juniper Berry + Lavender. For adults only. Roll onto temples, pulse points. Good for meditation, work hours, teachers, fragrance alternative. Perfectly paired with our essential oil lava diffuser jewelry. The tester set includes one full size of each oil roller for your retail storefront so customers can try it before they buy. Please note - each oil roller is packaged individually in a small cello clear plastic pouch to protect from customers using your retail inventory. If you would NOT like these in plastic please just let us know.