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Crystal Infused 100% Linen Eye Pillows

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Our Crystal Eye Pillows are made with 100% linen fabric.  Our Crystal Eye Pillows now come in retail packaging with 1 crystal inside the package to view. Photos can be seen on listing. Each crystal eye pillow has 5-6 crystals inside and complimenting scents for your crystals and organic flaxseed for comfort. *The crystal-infused eye pillows are not safe to place in the microwave, you can heat them up in a more natural way on lower heat if needed. I use the dryer on a Medium Heat* Love Crystal Eye Pillow - Rose Linen fabric, Rose Quartz, Rose Petals, Chamomile Flowers, and Organic Flaxseed. This crystal eye pillow has a light and soothing scent to compliment the soothing qualities of the Rose Quartz.  Calm Crystal Eye Pillow - Lavender Linen fabric, Amethyst, Lavender Flowers, Organic Flaxseed. Sinus Crystal Eye Pillow - Green Linen fabric, Green Aventurine, Peppermint Leaves, Eucalyptus Leaves Soothing Crystal Eye Pillow - Grey Linen Fabric, Smoky Quartz, Sage, Lavender Flowers