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Yellow Citrine Tumbled Crystals

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Gypsy Ro is proud to present these all natural and hand polished tumbled Citrine crystals (3-4 cm)! Mines in Brazil have been verified to conduct sustainable mining practices and offer an ethical and humane work environment for their miners. Citrine is a variety of quartz characterized by its yellow tone. It is powerful in aiding the solar plexus chakra. It’s said that its beautiful color is a gift from our beautiful Sun. Citrine can help bring self-confidence, energy, and emotional balance to the user. Citrine is also very powerful in bringing in wealth, abundance, and prosperity. This crystal can also be very helpful for those who are experiencing creativity blockages as it promotes creativity as well as motivation. In a physical sense, Citrine can detox one’s immune system. It also helps keep the digestive system on track and brings energy to the user’s body. Those who are Aries or Leos may be especially attracted to Citrine.