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Citrine Rough Gemstone Gold Bangle Cuff Bracelet ~ "Manifestation"

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Energy, success, & creativity Citrine is a warm, happy crystal capable of infusing water with its sunny energy. It stimulates the mind and acts as a powerful manifestor, which can aid in drawing great success to you faster. Chakras: root (1st), sacral (2nd), solar plexus (3rd) Spiritual properties: enhances creativity, manifestation through will Citrine is a powerful second chakra stone that can help to enhance creativity and powers of will. This makes it a powerful manifestation stone. Its also known to stimulate imagination by working with the second, third, and sixth chakras. This can help with mental clarity. What do we love about citrine? Its ability to activate and harmonize three powerful energy centers, which makes it a powerful personal will stone. Whos it good for? Anyone who struggles with personal power, or those who are interested in manifestation, prosperity, and personal success.