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Amazonite Tumbled Crystals

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Gypsy Ro is proud to present these all natural and hand polished tumbled Amazonite (4 cm)! Mines in Brazil have been verified to conduct sustainable mining practices and offer an ethical and humane work environment. Amazonite is a lustrous stone that comes in a bluish-green color. This stone is connected to the throat chakra, helping bring clear communication to its user and allowing them to set safe boundaries. This crystal is also very helpful in providing clarity to its user as well as calming the mind. When it comes to deep healing, Amazonite can provide this for its users. Amazonite allows one to recover from trauma that they have been struggling with for years. Amazonite also has many physical healing properties. If you are struggling with acne or a rash, Amazonite can be used to clear these ailments by rubbing the stone on affected areas. It can also help heal thyroid dysfunction. Those who are Virgos may feel especially drawn to the radiance of this stone.