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Peach Moonstone Tumbled Stones ~ Healing Tumbled Stones

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💖This Peach Moonstone tumbled stone is a beautiful addition to any crystal collection. It has a soft peachy-pink color with a subtle iridescence that catches the light. Moonstone is known for its calming and soothing energy, making it a great stone to carry with you throughout the day or use during meditation.💖 📌Features: ✔Size : 18-25mm ✔Pack size : 1Pc ✔Medium size tumbled stone ✔Soft peachy-pink color with iridescence ✔Calming and soothing energy 📌Benefits: ✔Helps to calm emotions and reduce stress ✔Enhances intuition and inner wisdom ✔Promotes emotional balance and harmony ✔Can be used for manifestation and setting intentions ✔Adds a beautiful and unique piece to any crystal collection