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Light My Fire - Lepidolite

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Wildcrafted fire fuel bundle of sage and botanicals bound to juniper kindling board with lepidolite crystal. LIGHT MY FIRE bundles are botanical fire starters from Central Oregon’s High Desert. Great Basin sage, Western Juniper, wild yarrow and native grasses add fuel, fragrance and beauty to your fire. Included is an intention card and rough cut crystal with its own unique attributes and properties. Write an intention, wish, goal or dream on the enclosed card before adding to the fire. We suggest removing the crystal before burning as a remembrance of that intention and moment shared by the fire. Each bundle is attached to a hand milled juniper kindling board and placed in a cotton drawstring bag, easy for gifting and transporting. Instruction, description card included. Each LIGHT MY FIRE is unique. No two are alike. KEEP YOUR FIRE BURNING BRIGHT! LEPIDOLITE NEW BEGINNINGS + PURPOSE DRIVEN + RE-CONNECT POSITIVE THINKING + CENTERED + SYNCHRONICITY