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Success Crystal Kit

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A collection of tumble stones that promote success and abundance. Each crystal comes with it's own information card and the set comes presented in a Two Libras pouch, perfecting for gifting or travel. Opalite Personal growth, wealth and success This beautiful milky, luminous stone helps to increase your personal power and boost self-esteem, enabling you to unleash your inner strengths and setting you up for success Citrine Confidence, New Beginnings, Optimism. This sunshine yellow crystal is all about success: Financial, professional or personal. Much like the sun burning through grey clouds, Citrine burns off negativity. Malachite Protection, Transformation, Emotional Empowerment We're all imperfect and this stone gives us the courage to be ourselves, without having to censor who we are to be attractive to another person or fit into a group. This stone may guide you through challenging situations or growth opportunities.